Portrait: Grace E BryantPhotographers are not born, but evolve to find a special field that captures their imagination and interest and mine is in nature, mainly the world of birds.

I started with a Kodak Box Brownie, maybe I shouldn’t admit to that, and there are those who have never heard of one or some may have seen one in a photographic museum. I have progressed through film to digital, computers and photoshop.The technological journey increases at an extreme pace but the art in photography still rests with the individual.

I find bird photography my ultimate challenge, it takes me wandering forest, woodland and all form of habitats in search of, at times, the tiniest, quickest and beautiful little creatures that gladden the heart to behold.
Canon is my equipment of choice and I use without exception the 5D MKIII with a 300mm f2.8.

With the encouragement of my family and friends I have started this site to share with others some of my journey.