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Question   Lovely!
Grace, You take some stunning images. I have enjoyed browsing your website and your images have inspired me to go out and shoot more. I also enjoy taking photos of birds and nature.

- Beth OMeara 1/3/2018 8:57:34 PM

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Question   My little beach panorama
Thanks for your comment, Grace!
I do prefer using a tripod, but that will depend on the distance I have to walk, at 77 years of age I am not as fit as I was 20 years ago-LOL!

- John Connolly 12/24/2014 11:24:29 AM

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Question   Your website
Amazing website Grace, every photo is just beautiful. Your talent is amazing and you deserve all the praise you receive!
I enjoyed looking through every page.


- Sue Bell 9/1/2013 5:54:25 PM

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Question   Lovely Website
Well done on a fantastic website Grace. Your images are just gorgeous.

- Kylie Valencius 8/28/2013 1:00:46 AM

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Question   Fantastic work
Hi grace,

Fantastic to meet you today and talk photos.
Keep up the fantastic work. Might take you up on that offer sometime in the future! :D

Soo-Wee (the dentist)

- Soo-Wee Ong 8/27/2013 3:50:18 PM

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